Baltimore Ravens

SURPRISE!: Ray Lewis Denies Using Illegal Deer Antler Substance


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Ray Lewis fell into the eye of a controversy during Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday when a published report from Sports Illustrated fingered the Ravens linebacker for using a banned substance to help with a torn right triceps injury.

Lewis denied ever using deer antler spray, which contains the NFL-banned performance enhancing substance IGF-1, to repair the injury.

The SI report called into question the Super Bowl XXXV MVP’s relationship with S.W.A.T.S. (Sports with Alternatives to Steroids), a Alabama-based company that allegedly supplied Lewis with the substance.

The injury that allegedly led to Lewis using the spray occurred on October 14, when the Ravens defeated the Dallas Cowboys. During the Baltimore victory, Lewis tore his right triceps muscle and was originally believed to be out for the season.

However, Lewis managed to get back on the field for the wild card game against the Baltimore Colts on January 6.

A YouTube video purports that Lewis got tied up with S.W.A.T.S. through former Raiders head coach Hue Jackson.

From answering questions about the Anna Burns Welker mess to deflecting questions regarding the Atlanta murder case in 2000, this latest controversy is just another headache for Lewis to deal with during Super Bowl week.

Either Lewis isn’t telling the truth or he has one heck of a recovery plan to get back on the field under three months after suffering a torn triceps injury.

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