Super Bowl XLVII

Beyoncé May Be Your Super Bowl Panacea


As America happily pours dirt on the remains of the 2012 Patriots and basks in the glow of a non-Brady/Belichick Super Bowl, Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote an interesting tidbit revolving around the new AFC champion Baltimore Ravens. 

King surmised that America was growing tired of Ray Lewis. Considering it’s only Wednesday, if America is suffering from Lewis fatigue now, it’s not likely to get better before Sunday.Throw into the mix the deer antler spray controversy and Lewis telling reporters this week that they aren’t qualified to ask questions about the double-murder case in 2000, we’re in full bloom with Ray-Ray news.

Of course, if the Ravens win, Lewis will burst into tears, give America one last Kirby Shuffle, and then in a Super Bowl-first, spontaneously combust at midfield because he’ll be too overwhelmed with emotion.

Alas, between Lewis, the Harbaugh brothers, and the assumed 3,023 camera shots of the Harbaugh family watching the game, the world has its hands full on Sunday night.

Luckily, Beyoncé will be there to help with the proceedings at halftime, serving as a rare Super Bowl halftime show performer under the age of 35 (B is 31).

Besides a Destiny’s Child reunion, I can only hope his Hovaness makes an appearance. That will at least make a normally subpar halftime show far more tolerable.

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