Jim Harbaugh

Dad Bod: Someone Tell Jim Harbaugh To Put A Shirt On Please

HarbaughShirtlessFormer 49ers head coach and current University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh lost his mind on Friday while at a football camp in Alabama.

While participating in an Alabama football camp (how is this legal by NCAA standards???), Harbaugh took his shirt off to play around with some of the campers in a scene that was not pleasing to the eye.

Whatever fleek mode is, I feel like that is the correct way to describe Harbaugh.

HarbaughShirtless2Folks, this is a 51-year old man running around with no shirt to impress kids.

If legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair can’t wrestle without a shirt on at 51, neither should he.

Harbaugh is the definition of “dad bod.”


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