Rob Gronkowski

David Ortiz & Rob Gronkowski Combine For Best Or Worst Duet Of The Summer

papigronkTwo of Boston’s most popular figures teamed up to provide a duet that will serve as nails across the blackboard of your life or make you cackle for hours.

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski combined to sing in a new spot for Dunkin’ Donuts called “Sippin’.”

The results are…welp, they are something.

Gronkowski has been all over the place since New England won Super Bowl XLIX including an upcoming taping of Family Feud and making a cameo in Entourage, which debuted in theaters last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ortiz is a living legend while leading the Red Sox to three World Series victories since 2004.

It’s not Bowie and Jagger….

….or MJ and McCartney…

…but it will do.


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