New England Patriots

Tom Brady Dancing To Hip-Hop Is A Marriage Made In Heaven

Brady4RingsTom Brady and the New England Patriots collected their Super Bowl rings last night at the organization’s high-end party.

Perhaps the highlight of the festivities came when Brady hit the dance floor to break it down, bust a move, break off a little sumthin’ sumthin’, trip the light fantastic, tootsie roll, or whatever dancing is referred to as these days by the mainstream public.

Brady is straight thuggin’…

Whenever the greatest quarterback in NFL history (arguably) is dancing to Migos, America must stand in attention and observe.

Brady looks like a guy dancing at a club around 2:30AM from the extreme amount of sweat cascading through his shirt.

By the way, one of the most entertaining parts of last night’s festivities was seeing Rob Gronkowski run around in a shirt with a gigantic Tommy Bahamas logo on the back.

Keep doin’ you, Gronk.

H/T Only In BOS

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