Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions To Host Gay Pride Event In October

GayMarriageNearly a week after the Supreme Court’s historic ruling involving gay marriage, the Detroit Lions will reportedly host an LGBT pride event in the fall.

In what appears to be a first in NFL history, the team plans to hold the event in conjunction with the Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber of Commerce on October 25th during the Lions’ meeting with the Minnesota Vikings.

Per the Detroit Free Press:

“It means a lot, in particular the support and rapid response from (the Lions),” Keith said. “It means the world, actually. I think, as the Chamber of Commerce we’re usually the boring LGBT group. We’re the suits in the back of the room just trying to make sure that things are moving along. But these large sporting events play into our InDetroit campaign (and) our Inclusive Detroit campaign, which primarily affects the large corporations in the area. But these sports franchises are some of the largest corporations in the area and they affect the overall social sentiment.”

Previously, other professional sports teams in Detroit (Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings) held events in support of LGBT pride.

Well, well, well, America. We are starting to grow up.

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