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LeSean McCoy Wanted More People At His Party Except Hulk Hogan

McCoyBillsLate last week word of LeSean McCoy’s bizarro females-only extravaganza made the rounds on the Internet. It appeared McCoy would be the clown prince of the Internet through the weekend.

Then, Hulk Hogan happened on Friday.

A transcript of Hogan’s racist tirade circulated the web on Friday morning soon after the former champion was released by the WWE.

Meanwhile, in the days that followed McCoy’s flap, he finally responded on Monday to the masses regarding his controversial party.

McCoy stated that he was going to have a smoothie party since America took his intentions totally out of context.

“Since the media and Internet took my before-camp party outta context, I had to switch up my party strategy. So tonight, I’ll be inviting everyone to my back-to-business party,” said McCoy.

“Don’t bring your ID, because there won’t be any alcohol anyway. Open smoothie bar all night tho. Don’t worry about the confidentiality agreement. No only are ladies invited but everyone is invited, except Hulk Hogan. Turn up time party time!”

Sorry Hulkster, but you did not receive an invite. That whole anti-black people angle didn’t sit well with McCoy (and others).

In somewhat related news, McCoy also invited Roger Goodell, his former coach Chip Kelly, Donald Trump, his current coach Rex Ryan, and Carli Lloyd.

Shady has too much time on his hands.  Luckily for McCoy (and the rest of the NFL), that’s about to change with training camp commencing this week.

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