Super Bowl 50

A Hasty Super Bowl 50 Pick

SB50logoWhen we last saw NFL teams doing extremely important NFL things, the Seattle Seahawks had a second straight Super Bowl ripped away from them by arguably the most unlikely hero in Super Bowl history in the form of Malcolm Butler.

As we prepare for another season, it’s time to give thoughts on just who will be ending up in Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50.

Despite Tom Brady winning his court case and getting to play in the season’s first four games, my opinion has not really changed on how this year will play out.

However, it did impact the NFC playoff picture. I had the Cowboys in but with Brady back and that Patriots/Cowboys game possibly being a loss for Dallas, the Pokes will be sitting at home.

First, let’s go through division winners…

AFC East – Patriots

AFC North – Steelers

AFC South – Colts

AFC West – Broncos

Wild Cards: Ravens, Dolphins

NFC East – Eagles

NFC North – Packers

NFC South – Falcons

Wild Cards: Saints, Vikings

As for the Super Bowl…

When the dust settles, I see Pittsburgh surviving the treacherous AFC and Seattle once again running through the NFC to reach Super Bowl 50. Seattle will grab another Vince Lombardi Trophy and avenge their loss to the Steelers in Super Bowl XL.

As for the current champs, I don’t see New England being able to survive their massive changes to the secondary and some depth issues at wide receiver.

Plus, even if they reach the AFC title game (which may very well happen), do you honestly see them getting any favorable calls in tight situations? Me neither.

In other words…

…they’ll get screwed.

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