Super Bowl 50

Your Super Bowl 50 Predicition

SB50Pick.pngWhen I was a kid, I used to simulate all of the important games on Madden to get a feel of things to come.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: No, I didn’t get out much when I was in middle school, high school, or my early college days)

Before reading significant game analysis, I played Super Bowl 50 out on Madden and a few things stood out:

  1. Denver’s best chance to throw the ball is go downfield. Since Mob Boss Peyton Manning may not be able to accurately do this, that might put Denver at a big disadvantage. If he can, it could get very interesting.
  2. I’m not sure Carolina can be blocked by Denver’s average offensive line.
  3. I’m assuming Carolina will do a far better job accounting for DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller than the Patriots did two weeks ago.
  4. Carolina’s best chance to throw the ball is to establish the run and to setup play action. If they straight up try to pass the ball on Denver early on, that may not be the way to go. Denver’s secondary is outstanding. Carolina has to exploit their linebackers.

Having said that, I think this will be a close game as long as the Parlor Trick Touchdown of Doom doesn’t come into play. Turnovers and bizarro special teams plays often make Super Bowls a mess. Just ask Denver regarding their last Super Bowl appearance.

Assuming they don’t, I think Denver keeps it close with a strong defensive effort but their lackluster offense will finally catch up to them.



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