Indianapolis Colts

Colts Radio Announcer Bob Lamey Drops F-Bomb In Colts Win Over Chargers

San Diego Chargers v Indianapolis ColtsIndianapolis Colts radio play-by-play man Bob Lamey was excited to be finally done with the San Diego Chargers last Sunday.

After the Colts escaped with a 26-22 victory last Sunday for its first win, Lamey cut right to the chase.

He exclaimed his happiness over the game being “finally f*cking over.”



With his microphone on.


While the Colts Radio Network appeared to have some sort of seven-second delay in place, Lamey is clearly heard dropping an f-bomb.

Lamey and Colts radio has given us so many great moments over the past 15 years.

I’m not mad at ya, Bob.

Now, the FCC, who issues fines inappropriate language on-air, might be a different story.

So far, no complaints have been issued to the FCC in regards to Lamey’s indiscretion.

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