Detroit Lions

Incredibly, The Detroit Lions Can Earn A First-Round Bye Or Miss The Playoffs

staffordThe NFC North will be decided on Sunday night when the 9-6 Detroit Lions host the 9-6 Green Bay Packers.

For the Green Bay Packers, the scenario is pretty simple. If they win, they are the NFC North champions. A loss would mean they would miss the playoffs if Washington won.

As for the Detroit Lions, they are in a weirder position. Detroit wins the NFC North if they defeat Green Bay.

Oddly, they can STILL grab a first-round bye with a 10-6 record despite a dumpster-fire worthy second half effort against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night.

Losses by Atlanta and Seattle would propel Detroit to a two-seed and on the fast track to another meeting with the Cowboys provided they top the Packers.

A loss could still send the Lions to the postseason but Washington would need to drop their game against the Giants, which takes place on Sunday afternoon.

While it’s certainly possible for Detroit to win on Sunday night, I keep thinking about the last time they got together in Motown.

Only in a weird NFL season such as this could the Lions, who were a preseason afterthought, be in line to get a first-round bye…or miss the playoffs all in one fell swoop.

(Via NFL Communications)

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