Sons Of Wyngate Football Podcast

Sons Of Wyngate Football Podcast: Episode #3 – Montana Slays Eagles In Philly



Our first Joe Montana-related episode of the podcast has arrived.

Montana only played in Philadelphia once. That was all he needed in 1989 when the 49ers rolled into Philadelphia for one of the most memorable regular season games of all-time.

The latest SOW Podcast examines how the Eagles allowed San Francisco to score 28 fourth-quarter points in a regular season win.

This game featured what was believed to be at that time a meeting between the “Team of the 80s” against “Team of the 90s.”

Also, find out what future Eagle learned about the difference between the two franchises during a fight; what player was hoping for a career as TV cameraman; how this game indirectly led to Bounty Bowl I and II; and more!

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