Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice Still Thinks He Can Play Football At 55


When the NFL Network aired its Top 100 countdown of the greatest players in NFL history back in 2010, Jerry Rice beat out former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown for the spot. It appears that Rice is still using some of that same juice to make about still being able to play.

Rice, who last played in an NFL regular season game in 2004, recently stated that he thinks he could still play if the desire was there. The legendary 49ers star made a bold statement in ESPN: The Magazine and its body issue.

“I still feel like today, if I wanted to come back to football and play football, I could do it, at the age of 55,” Rice said.

But he didn’t stop there.

“I’m one of those guys that I still believe that if I wanted to, I could come back, catch over 80 balls and really be productive on the field. … I think I’m still explosive, and I think I still can beat up on some defenses.”

Not to be rude to the GOAT, however, the last time we saw Rice, he was washed…as in washed up.

He caught an underwhelming 30 passes in 16 games with the Raiders and Seahawks in 2004.

While Rice is still a physical specimen, it’s hard to imagine he would be able to contribute much more than what he did in ’04.

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  1. I played football in college, and I’m now in my 50s. Let me tell you something…when I see this, all I can think of is how this talk of a comeback would die HARD the on the first post-game Monday. Being in your 50s means simple “keeping in shape” workouts can make you find new places that hurt. I can’t even imagine what a nice dose of NFL-quality contact would do.

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