Los Angeles Rams

Todd Gurley Doesn’t Care About Your Fantasy Team Or Gambling Dollars


Leading by just two points following a Ty Montgomery fumble on a kick return, the Los Angeles Rams were poised to ice their eighth straight victory to open the season. Not only did they ice it, but MVP candidate Todd Gurley managed to cost people a few dollars in the process.

Deep in Packers territory, Gurley seemingly took off for the end zone on a run. As he closed in on heading into the end zone and giving the Rams a two-possession lead, Gurley summoned the ghost of Brian Westbrook by pulling up and allowing Packers defenders to stop him.

Gurley’s decision allowed the Rams to run the clock out and not give the ball to Rodgers under any circumstances. However, the Georgia Bulldog’s decision came with a cost. The Rams were 7.5-point favorites while the over/under was set at 57 entering Sunday’s game against Green Bay.

According to Darren Rovell, Gurley’s decision swung $1 million in bets in Las Vegas. Following the game, Gurley didn’t have much remorse. “Forget fantasy and forget Vegas today. We got the win. That’s all that matters.”

Kudos to Gurley for not worrying about such trivial things as statistics and gambling lines. The 8-0 Rams have bigger fish to fry than worrying about people getting in their feelings over Gurley not scoring an extra touchdown.

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