The JMRA Football Podcast: EP 14 – Aaron Rodgers Is Upset & The NFL Trade Deadline

Packers Rams Football

Just like an important edition of Diff’rent Strokes, this edition of The JMRA Football Podcast is a very special two-part episode.

Part 1 covers Sunday and Monday’s Week 8 action including the demise of Hue Jackson and Todd Haley in Cleveland….all before Tuesday’s trading deadline mayhem took place.

Elsewhere, Aaron Rodgers is denied by the undefeated Rams…and Ty Montgomery. Are the Eagles finally back after narrowly getting by the Jacksonville Jaguars?

The Saints get ready for the Rams by taking it to the Vikings in a revenge game. Plus, Adrian Peterson turns back the clock and more!

Part 2 examines the NFL trade deadline moves including Golden Tate landing with the Eagles; Demaryius Thomas in Houston; and more!

Plus, it’s time to rehash the Ty Montgomery saga; his sudden exit to Baltimore; and just how in the world it deals with a ham sandwich.

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