Joe Montana

Three-Time Super Bowl MVP Joe Montana Is Investing Millions Into The Marijuana Industry


What would Super Bowl week be without a story about one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, San Francisco 49ers demigod Joe Montana?

Multiple news outlets reported over the weekend that Montana will invest $75 million into a company that specializes in marijuana distribution.

Montana and his venture capital investment firm, Liquid 2 Ventures, will invest their dollars in Caliva – a marijuana startup business based out of San Jose, California. The motivation behind the move is in part to support a company that aids people who are experiencing health issues including chronic pain.

Caliva’s CEO Dennis O’Malley stressed the company’s products will promote fun but be unique:

“We’re known for products that are fun for you,” O’Malley says. “We’re extending that as well as releasing a product category for pain relief, sleep and anxiety.”

Montana, who had a litany of health issues during his playing days including back, hand, and elbow injuries, may sympathize with those suffering from chronic pain. According to ESPN, he hopes that this investment “can provide relief to many people and can make a serious impact on opioid use or addiction.”

This is not Montana’s first rodeo with the marijuana industry. Back in 2017, Montana invested in Herb, a cannabis media company. While he has been relatively mum on specific marijuana experiences, the two-time NFL MVP clearly sees a future for the marijuana industry.

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