Los Angeles Rams

The EA Sports Madden Super Bowl LIII Prediction Is In


According to EA Sports and its annual Super Bowl simulation, the Los Angeles Rams will be the next Super Bowl champions after toppling the New England Patriots, 30-27 in the popular video game’s annual Super Sunday simulation.

While both Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the opposing Rams quarterback Jared Goff will have solid days based off the simulation, Sunday’s star will be a somewhat forgotten hero.

Rams running back Todd Gurley scored the game-winning touchdown in the simulation to give the Rams a three-point victory.

The Madden simulator has a respectable 10-5 record overall. However, it picked the eventual Super Bowl champion Eagles to lose a tight contest to the Patriots before Super Bowl LII last February.

Just add the Madden simulator to the list of people, places, and things disrespecting Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

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