Denver Broncos

Hulk Hogan Cuts A Promo On Tim Tebow

I’ve been hesitant to go all in on Tim Tebow talk. It’s pretty obvious that people want him to succeed badly now that he is officially the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

One youngster who talked about Tebow on Wednesday was Hulk Hogan, who made the rounds on numerous ESPN shows to promote his upcoming pay-per-view match with Sting at TNA Wrestling’s “Bound For Glory” pay-per-view event.

His SportsNation appearance included him wearing a Tebow jersey and subsequently ripping it off after a soliloquy regarding Tebow’s motivational skills.

The appearance was classic Hogan; constantly putting himself over regardless of the circumstance as if it’s 1985 again and completely ignoring the fact that he is 58 and Tebow is 24.

Just for the record, if I’m following anyone into a foxhole, it’s Tebow.

After the Megapowers shenanigans during the late 80s and his run as the leader of wrestling’s New World Order, he can’t be trusted.

Quarterback Jesus in cleats for the win.

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