Pittsburgh Steelers

Lessons In Questionable Parenting: Steelers Edition

Busted Coverage posted this picture today of a preggers Pittsburgh Steelers fan, who decided to put the team’s logo on her bulging stomach.

One day, little Jimmy or Debbie will look at this photo and have one of two reactions to it:

1. He/she will drink heavily from the magical and unending supply of Steelers Kool-Aid.

2. He/she will become or a Ravens or Cowboys fan out of spite.

The first option will yield nothing but more romanticizing of the 1970s Steelers. By the way, I know they stunk during the 60s and many years prior for that matter, but I’ve never heard any Steelers fan reference anything pre-Joe Greene in 1969. It’s as if the team’s history didn’t begin until then. Few teams have a fan base that blatantly ignores the first 36 years of its team’s existence quite like Steelers Nation.

Anyhow, I’m going with the far more entertaining second option as the most likely occurrence; kids love being defiant.


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