Bill Belichick

Jim Schwartz & Jim Harbaugh Could Learn About Handshakes From Bill Belichick

The handshake heard ’round the world is the talk of the NFL these days.

Jim Harbaugh said he shook Jim Schwartz’s hand too hard after San Francisco’s 25-19 win; while Schwartz claimed that Harbaugh cursed at him after shaking his hand.

Perhaps Harbaugh and Schwartz could learn a thing or two about handshake etiquette from Patriots wizard Bill Belichick.

Of course, most Belichick fans are aware of his dead fish special to former Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini back in 2006.

Yet, Coach Belichick taught us in 1994 as head coach of the Cleveland Browns not to shake the hand of the opponent if you don’t like them.

In the featured video above, the Hoodie dissed Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd after a Pittsburgh playoff win over Cleveland during the ’94 postseason. It appears Lloyd extends his hand but Belichick doesn’t want any part of it (:50 seconds into the video).

While it seems like poor sportsmanship, maybe Belichick didn’t respect them or was upset knowing they would gag a week later in the ’94 AFC title game to San Diego.

Either way, I wouldn’t have shaken Lloyd’s hand either. He cursed on TV once.

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