New Orleans Saints

Your Free Sean Payton T-Shirts Are Now Available

Well, that didn’t take long.

If you’re looking for the latest in hip wear, check out For just $25, you can be the proud owner of a “Free Sean Payton” t-shirt to support the suspended leader of the New Orleans Saints.

One man who hopped on the bandwagon is crooner Jimmy Buffett. While Payton played the bongos on Sunday night, Buffett performed in his “Free Sean Payton” gear.

Somehow, I don’t think NFL head honcho Roger Goodell will find it amusing that Payton participated in a concert while Mr. Buffett donned that shirt.

Later this week, Payton and Saints GM Mickey Loomis will meet with Goodell to appeal their suspensions, which threaten to put a dent in the hopes of New Orleans in 2012.

Pardon me while I grab my Visa card; I have some shopping to do.

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