Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Dan Marino, Exhibit A

If I ever served as the prosecution in a case explaining why Dan Marino wasn’t an all-time Top 10 quarterback, the following game would serve as Exhibit A.

Back in 1992, the Dolphins hosted the Bills in the AFC Championship game. Two weeks prior, Buffalo had their miraculous comeback win over the Houston Oilers; followed by a road win over the inexperienced Pittsburgh Steelers.

The only thing standing in between Buffalo and a third straight Super Bowl appearance were their old friends from Miami.

Winners of the AFC East, Miami split regular season games with Buffalo. Each team won at the other’s stadium.

Heading into the AFC title game, it appeared Buffalo was ripe for the picking. Head coach Marv Levy opted to start Jim Kelly at quarterback. Three weeks earlier, Kelly suffered a knee injury and missed the wins over Houston and Pittsburgh.

Without a Super Bowl appearance since 1985 and serving as host for the Buffalo tilt, it appeared Miami’s hunger would outdo Buffalo’s will.

A funny thing happened to the Dolphins on the way to Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena, California.

Buffalo dominated Miami and won the AFC 29-10. Running backs Thurman Thomas and Kenneth Davis each scored once as Buffalo racked up nearly 200 yards rushing on the day.

One of the signature wins in Bills history saw Marino flustered and ineffective. Marino turned it over three times and failed to lead Miami into the end zone until the fourth quarter.

I don’t care who is coming into your house, losing conference championship games at home are a big black mark on Marino’s record.

He did it twice.

Buffalo hosts Miami on Thursday Night Football to start Week 11.

Miami/Buffalo begins at the 6:28 mark after O.J. Simpson puts on one of the most absurd jackets ever. 

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  1. I fondly remember this wonderful day in Buffalo Bills history. God, I miss those days.

    I bought a bootleg DVD copy of this game off the internet last year. Best six bucks I ever spent.

    Go Bills!

    • I almost found this game more shocking than the Houston win. Miami had this put on a tee for them to win and couldn’t do it.

      Don Shula = overrated.

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