NFL Picks

NFL Week 11 Pickage

Peyton Manning Andrew Luck heads to Foxborough on Sunday to face King Brady and New England Patriots.

Incredibly, the Colts will be 7-3 with a win. How did this happen?

Also, how did the name T.Y. Hilton become a part of weekly NFL verbiage?

Anyhow, Colts/Pats is one of the top Week 11 attractions as we head to the NFL season’s final quarter.

Pick me please…

RAVENS 24, STEELERS 13: Just when it appeared the Steelers were primed to make a run at the AFC North, Ben Roethlisberger suffered a rib injury that nearly killed him. Ever the opportunist, Baltimore awaits to rudely enter Heinz Field to put a stamp on their AFC North lead. After last week’s bully performance against Oakland, the Ravens have their groove back. Meanwhile, Byron Leftwich does not.

PATRIOTS 35, COLTS 31: Team A leads the NFL in passing plays of 20 yards or more. Team A also possesses one of the league’s best quarterbacks in 2012. If you guessed that Team A is the New England Patriots, you’d be incorrect. Indy’s passing attack is led by Mr. Luck and the incomparable Reggie Wayne. New England’s defense leads the NFL in most 20 yard plus plays allowed. You know what fixes that problem for New England? Tom Brady…and a lot of Stevan Ridley.

49ERS 17, BEARS 9: First team to 10 (and a healthy QB) wins.


SEASON: 15-9

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