Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh, Heel Power Personified


Who is a bigger bad guy in the NFL than Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh?

Jay Cutler? Nah. He is actually valuable to his team when he is on the field despite the whiny tactics and demonstrative behavior.

Suh takes the cake as the league’s biggest bad guy with his groin-kickin’, injury-cheerin’ (allegedly) ways.

Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin tweeted that Suh would make a great wrestling heel.

The ol’ Texas Rattlesnake is dead on about the controversial defensive tackle, who spends time breaking traffic laws when he isn’t badgering offensive lines.

Alas, let’s take a look at some classic wrestling heels that appeared to share Suh’s similar disdain for sportsmanship.

1. Ernie Ladd

Comments: I really miss wrestlers that used the phrase “egg-sucking dog.” What the hell does that even mean? I’m not sure what whiskey drinking has to do with any of this but it’s a hoot. Ladd, a former Kansas City Chief and Houston Oiler, cut some funny interviews. His promos were mostly running down good guys and calling them useless or dumb

2. Terry Funk

Comments: Funk was certifiably crazy. Some mainstream fans might consider his attack on Ric Flair in ’89 as the high point of his heel activity but his stuff in the early 80s was far crazier as shown above against poor Bruce Walkup. Again, another reference point for the phrase “egg-sucking dog” which back in the 80s was today’s equal of calling someone in an elite quarterback. If you were a top good guy back in the day, that probably meant you were egg-sucking dog. 

3. Roddy Piper

Comments: Look, I know everyone is partial to the Jimmy Snuka coconut incident back in 1984 but the Dick Clark record mess from that same year is a goodie too. Piper was such a scumbag during the 80s. The “Cyndi Lauper kick” helped pave the way for the WrestleMania I main event and some of the most awkward celebrity wrestling cameos ever. Piper had a lot of Suh in him. 

4. Curt Hennig

Comments: Before he was Mr. Perfect, Hennig was a star for Verne Gagne’s AWA promotion. In this clip, Hennig, who dropped the AWA title because headed Vince McMahon-land in 1988, was furious and wanted to confront the new champ, Jerry Lawler. Hennig threatened commentator Lance Russell and vowed to destroy the set if Lawler did not appear. Lawler eventually emerged out of the dressing room and Hennig proceeded to give him a quick Suh to the groin area. 

5. Wahoo McDaniel

Comments: Mostly a good guy during his time, Wahoo (like Ladd, a former football player) went into full-scale excuse-making mode in 1984 when he felt shunned by NWA World Champion Ric Flair. A long pursuit of then-champion Harley Race led to Flair winning the title back. McDaniel helped Flair by training him for his pursuit of Race. As per usual in wrestling logic, sooner or later, the babyface becomes an ingrate. Along with heel buddy Tully Blanchard; McDaniel used foreign objects upside Flair’s head to make a point. So Suh. By the way, how fresh is Dusty Rhodes’s commentary during this clip? He launches into a diatribe about Indians and kids reading books. Wild. 

The embattled Detroit Lion is one of the league’s most controversial players. When he retires, maybe giving the WWE a ring isn’t the worst idea.

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    • I think the Iron Sheik is in the discussion of the great heels of all-time. I like the Sheik too much to compare him to Suh.

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