Chicago Bears

Throwback Thursday: The Day Jim Harbaugh Wasn’t Saved By The Bell

The internet is a tizzy over discovering an episode from 1996 of the famous NBC show Saved By The Bell that featured 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Casted as the cousin of everyone’s lovable doofus, Screech, Harbaugh hit his marks throughout the show.

The only downside? Long gong were Kelly, Zack, Slater, Jessie, and Lisa. Instead, it turned out to be a collection of castoffs supervised by Screech and Mr. Belding.

Four years prior to this episode, Harbaugh and his Chicago Bears squandered a 20-0 lead during a ’92 meeting with the Minnesota Vikings.

The key play proved to be an ill-fated audible dialed up by Harbaugh, whose pick-six opened the proverbial flood gates as Minnesota ripped off 21 unanswered points to grab an eventual victory.

Ditka torched Harbaugh on the sideline after the interception and to the media in the post-game presser that followed.

The Bears dropped to 2-3 and finished 5-11 in ’92.

It was Mike Ditka’s final season as the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

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