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Bills Carry Jim Schwartz Off The Field After Last-Second Win Over Lions


Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter booted a 58-yard field goal with seconds remaining to give the 3-2 Bills a 17-14 win over the Detroit Lions.

Perhaps the real highlight came in the game’s ensuing moments.

After the Bills sealed up a victory, the team carried ex-Lions head coach Jim Schwartz (and current Buffalo defensive coordinator) off the field. Schwartz was fired by the Lions after the 2013 season.

A nice gesture but my favorite part is Schwartz raising his arm triumphantly.

Way to be humble there, Jim.

In other news, the Lions have lost home games in the final seconds over the last two seasons now on 61-yard and 58-yard field goals.

This especially holds water after Sunday’s performance by Lions kicker Alex Henery, who finished 0 for 3 on field goal attempts.

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