New England Patriots

Tom Brady Was New England’s Most Reliable Receiver In Eagles Loss


The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the New England Patriots on Sunday in Foxborough in a 35-28 win over the defending Super Bowl champions.

One of the clear problems facing the Patriots is a dearth of options at receiver.

For example, their best passing play on Sunday?

A 36-yard pass from Danny Amendola to Tom Brady. That’s right, Brady accounted New England’s longest reception of the day on a trick play.

Down Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Dion Lewis, the Patriots are missing their top three receiving threats. Only Amendola, who returned from injury after missing last Sunday night’s Denver game, appears to be a threat.

Even he couldn’t restore the New England passing attack. His third quarter drop eventually led to the Malcolm Jenkins 100-yard interception return.

Of course, there is Brandon LaFell, who has been a pass-dropping machine since his return.

The Patriots will need to duct tape and bubble gum their passing attack to capture a first-round bye for the AFC playoffs.

As for Brady’s pass catching exploits, he now averages an impressive 29 yards per reception after his second career reception.


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