Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Hits The Stripper Pole Slide During Big Night Against Colts


Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers ran circles around the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football.

Brown was among the key figures in the 45-10 win. He caught eight passes for 118 yards and two touchdowns. However, his true highlight of the night came on a 71-yard romp on a punt return for six. As he headed into the end zone, Brown decided to hop the field goal post as if he were sliding down a fire pole or stripper pole.

The true comedy came as he landed on the post. An unsuspecting female security guard was startled by Brown, who grabbed at her in an effort to perhaps break his fall.

Considering how the Steelers are chucking the rock these days, this may not be the last time Brown has the opportunity to do this during the season.

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