Joe Montana

Watch Joe Montana Taunt The Cowboys After “The Catch”


We saw a different side of Joe Montana during the NFL Network’s awesome new series titled “The Timeline” last month.

The latest entry features “The Tale of Two Cities” – chronicling the legendary rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, the most pivotal moment in the rivalry’s intense history was the epic NFC Championship game in January 1982.

Best known for “The Catch” – a leaping and borderline miraculous throw and catch by Joe Montana and Dwight Clark – the electrifying meeting featured a rare show of arrogance by Joe Cool.

Following his sensational toss to Clark, instead of Montana heading back to the sideline, he opted to taunt Cowboys defensive lineman Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

Montana pranced around and then pointed at Jones after launching the game-winning strike to Clark.

Montana’s act would have frowned upon under today’s spotlight if done by Cam Newton or any other slightly polarizing figure.

Instead, Montana got away with it unscathed because…he’s Joe Montana and we’re not.

Two weeks later, Montana’s Niners topped the Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl XVI.

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