Randy Moss

Randy Moss Is Back…Does It Matter?

Photo courtesy of @daRealOtisMoss

Somewhere in between tweeting and picking his nose on UStream videos, Randy Moss announced his intentions to return to the NFL in 2012.

The bigger issue is does anyone want him?

When we last saw Moss in 2010, he was playing out the string as a member of the Tennessee Titans. Remarkably, one of the most explosive receivers in NFL history played for three different franchises in 2010.

At 35 and a season removed from NFL action, does he have the juice to be an impact player?

Despite claims that he is going to tear people’s heads off upon his return, Moss has much to prove. During one of his many UStream videos over the last week, Moss indicated he will not have a public workout, similar to Terrell Owens.

It is likely Moss falls into the “look but don’t touch” category of free agents with Owens when March rolls around.

Remember, excluding his football nirvana stop in Foxborough, Moss has been a problem at nearly stop.

His first go-around in Minnesota included a host infractions from him squirting an official with a water bottle during a playoff loss to his ill-timed traffic accident.

Following a less than spectacular stint in Oakland, Moss was on the move to New England.

After three solid seasons in New England, Moss was traded in-season to the Vikings, where decided to lambast a restaurant owner¬†over Minnesota’s food spread.

Then in Tennessee, he was quiet but a decisive non-factor.

Even if his histrionics are excluded, one looming problem casts a shadow over the future Hall of Famer’s ability to make a successful return to football in 2011; he wasn’t a productive player.¬†Moss caught 28 passes and just five touchdown passes in ’10.

Did his sharp decline speak to his descent to mortality that often arrives for players in their mid-30s?

Or was it the “quit” factor that former Moss teammate Cris Carter alluded too?

Either way, I’m not so sure Moss is a desirable or necessary option for teams in 2012.

Sure, he might still have it. However, I’m guessing most teams would be far too willing to let Moss continue his budding career as a UStream host.

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