New England Patriots

Roger Goodell To Hear Tom Brady Appeal


Remember that infamous 2011 NFL lockout?

Welp, it appears the lockout may be the missile that sinks any hopes of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension getting reduced.

Word came out late Thursday night that Brady’s appeal, which was filed on Thursday, will be heard by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

When the NFLPA reached settlement with the owners to end the ’11 lockout, a part of the collective bargaining agreement granted Goodell authority to hear appeals and outsource it to someone else if he felt necessary.

Now, Brady, who hired high-powered attorney Jeffrey Kessler for the proceedings, must deal with Goodell (and not a neutral party) in order to get his suspension thrown out or reduced.

It would be somewhat stunning to see Goodell totally neuter and undercut Troy Vincent, who issued Brady’s suspension and the rest of the discipline against the Patriots.

This is going to be a bloodbath but from the NFL perspective, at least they’ll be in control of it.

See you in Week 6 in Indianapolis, Tom.

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