Al Davis

Just Win Baby: Al Davis Dead At 82

The face of Raiders Nation has changed forever.

Oakland Raiders owner and NFL renegade Al Davis died on Saturday at the age of 82.

At the age of 33, Davis became the youngest person to ever hold the titles of head coach and general manager, simultaneously for the Oakland Raiders.

After running the American Football League as its commissioner for a short stint in 1966, Davis took over as a part-owner of the Raiders.

During his time as Raiders owner, Oakland (and later Los Angeles) became one of the premier franchises in sports. The Raiders won three Super Bowls and nabbed five AFL/AFC titles during his run as owner.

Over the last few years (except for occasionally admonishing former head coaches), Davis kept a lower profile than his days of suing the NFL over stadium issues, trying to coax Jim Brown out of retirement in 1983 or getting into bizarre entanglements with Marcus Allen.

Whether you loved or hated him, Davis was a treasure to the National Football League.

Just win baby.

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