Chip Kelly

Philadelphia Eagles Practice Is Brought To You By Taylor Swift

TaylorSwiftPhiladelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, the NFL’s official agent of change, is known to spin a tune or two for his team during practice to keep things at an uptempo pace.

His weapon of choice during a recent mini-camp practice?

The tune “Bad Blood” by the baddest woman on the planet (at least in the eyes of Apple), Taylor Alison Swift blared over speakers during an Eagles practice last week.

The song probably played on with Tim Tebow happily nodding along and throwing deep crossing routes to Riley Cooper. In fact, if you look closely at the video around the :14 second mark, there is an unidentified player clearly jamming along to the music before running a route.

Two weeks ago, Swift played two shows in front of huge crowds at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia – the home of the Eagles.

Who knows, maybe Kelly showed up to one of the two shows. Nonetheless, Kelly (or someone else with the Eagles) is well acquainted with Ms. Swift’s music catalog.

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