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The Best of the 2012 NFL Season


Sadly, the 2012 NFL season is over.

Before we completely close the book on the ’12 season, let’s take a final look at the 20 most popular stories of the season based off of your trusty reading habits.

20. The Ray Lewis Wikipedia Page Was Busy Yesterday Thanks To Wes Welker’s Wife – In the aftermath of New England dropping the AFC title to the Ravens, Wes Welker’s wife used Facebook to point out what an evil off-the-field character Ray Lewis was at one point. Aforementioned criticism caused a significant spike on the Ray Lewis Wikipedia page. 

19. Erin Andrews Practices “Griffing” – The Latest Version Of Tebowing – RG3 busted on the scene in Week 1 with a big win over the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. Erin Andrews paid tribute to Griffin by “Griffing” in the days that followed Washington’s Week 1 win. 

18. Sham Newton: Frustrated Panthers QB Calls For Suggestion Box – Surly and moody Cam Newton was feeling a bit low following a Panthers home loss to the Dallas Cowboys. You know the old saying…when life gives you lemons, call for a suggestion box. 

17. Eric Winston Slams Chiefs Fans For Cheering Matt Cassel Injury – Fed up with the poor play of Matt Cassel, Chiefs fans were quite happy to see him get injured. Insert veteran player getting upset at bloodthirsty fans here. 

16. The Save Our Chiefs Movement Is Back In The High Life Again – Speaking of the Chiefs, their fans did not accept losing. They decided to create a moment that built up quite the following.

15. The David Akers Face Wins Week 1 – The David Akers “O” face after banging through a 63-yard field goal in San Francisco’s Week 1 30-22 win over the Green Bay Packers proved to be the high point of the season for the former Philadelphia Eagles kicker.

14. Wes Welker’s Wife Goes In On Ray Lewis – As mentioned earlier, Wes Welker’s wife expressed extreme displeasure about Ray Lewis and his past transgressions. When a public figure rips someone on Facebook, it tends to stick. 

13. Rapper 2 Chainz Interrupts Michael Crabtree’s Moment Of Glory – When Green Bay’s defense wasn’t busy chasing Colin Kaepernick during the playoffs, Michael Crabtree ran through them for two touchdowns. During a postseason interview, rapper 2 Chainz decided to step into proceedings. 

12. Hold Your Breath, Washington; RG3 Leg Injury Gets MRI Tonight – The Redskins still managed to win the NFC East despite RG3’s leg becoming silly putty against the Baltimore Ravens last December. 

11. The Rex Ryan Wife Tattoo Is Tebowing Or So It Seems – This isn’t the last stop on the countdown for the Jets. Their bombastic head coach Rex Ryan made the ridiculous decision to tattoo a picture of his wife wearing Mark Sanchez’s jersey on his arm. 

10. Sean Payton Is Reinstated Soon After “Super Hole XLVAG” Float Debut – Welcome to post-bountygate New Orleans, Roger. 

9. Michael Vick & Pepperidge Farm Give You Michael Vick’s Turnovers – The Dream Team Eagles became the Pepperidge Farm Turnover Eagles. 

8. Here Is The Green Bay Radio Call Of Golden Tate’s “Touchdown” Catch – Our first replacement ref entry from their final – and most memorable – game features the Green Bay Packers radio play-by-play broadcaster Wayne Larivee’s final call of the Tate score. 

7. Brandon Lloyd Cheeses For The Camera While Scoring – This diving catch against Buffalo may have been the coolest photo grab of the season. 

6. Baltimore’s Radio Call Of The Jacoby Jones Soul-Crushing TD – There were 267 games that took place (regular season and playoffs) during the 2012 season. The Jacoby Jones catch turned into the single biggest play of the season, period. 

5. M.D. Jennings, Almost A Hero – Sorry M.D. You intercepted the pass…

4. Katherine Webb Meme Rips Poor Joe Webb – This poor guy finds out he is going to start an NFL playoff game hours before opening kickoff. Expecting Fran Tarkenton, were you? 

3. Roger Goodell May Need To Change His Phone Number – I actually called the listed Roger Goodell phone number. It was a bit busy after the Seattle/Green Bay fiasco as you can imagine. 

2. Golden Tate’s Epic Push-Off Sets Stage For Fake Touchdown – The push that launched 1,000 ships and helped to end the referee lockout. 

1. Mike Tirico’s Call Of The Mark Sanchez Fumble Is On Point – Not only was this the most popular post of the season, it was one of the most popular posts in the blog’s five-year history. Mike Tirico’s stern comments about the Jets resonated with folks. Thanks Reddit. You are awesome. 

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